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Learning Indian Languages

This is the general section for all Indian Language Learners. Share your experience of learning an Indian language, tell us which language you are using to learn which Indian language, the problems you faced and the solutions you worked out. Happy Learning!

Learning Indian Languages

Learn Telugu

This section is for the Telugu learners. You may be learning Telugu through any language. Share your experience, tips and suggestions that may be useful for other learners. You can post in Telugu or English or a mixture of both. Ask doubts, seek clarifications and offer feedback and suggestions. Happy Learning!


Learn Tamil

This section is for the Tamil learners. All Tamil learners, whatever language you may be using to learn Tamil can share your thoughts here. Raise questions, seek clarifications, respond to others' questions and let us all help each other learn.


Learn Sanskrit

If you are learning Sanskrit or you are an expert in using Sanskrit share your ideas here. Help others' learn Sanskrit and enjoy the experience. Ask questions, seek clarifications, respond to others queries and make the learning experience effective and enjoyable. Happy Learning!


Learn Kannada

If you are learning Kannada this is the place for you to participate in discussions, find answers to your questions and offer your suggestions and feedback, Help others learn and in turn learn from the experience. Happy Learning!


Learn Gujarati

If you are learning Gujarati share your experience here, discuss with other Gujrati learners and learn from each other. Ask your questions, seek clarifications and offer tips and suggestions. Happy Learning!


Learn Hindi

Hindi learners join this discussion and share your experience, tips and ideas. Help other Hindi learners learn from your experience and the solutions you worked out to learn specific bits of language. Happy learning!


Learn English

If you are learning English share your experiences, tips, suggestions and short cuts that have worked for you here. Share your questions, seek clarification and participate in the discussions. Let's help each other learn. Happy learning!