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Puzzles and Riddles in Gujarati

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Share some Puzzles and Riddles in Gujarati here. Answer the puzzles and riddles posted by others. Please include the pronunciation and meaning to help those who are just beginning to learn Gujarati.

Here is one sample for you.


આખો દિવસ ઊંઘયા કરું,

Ākhō divasa ūnghyā karuṁ,


રાત પડે ને રડ્યા કરું,

rāta paḍē nē raḍyā karuṁ,


જેટલું રડું એટલું ગુમાવું ?

jēṭaluṁ raḍuṁ ēṭaluṁ gumāvuṁ?


તો બોલો મિત્રો કોણ હું ?

Tō bōlō mitrō kōṇa huṁ?


Lie asleep the whole day

Night starts and I begin to cry

Lose myself as much as I cry

Tell me friend, who am I?


Waiting for your answer...