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मनोरमानाम् अद्भुते वने, राजेन्द्र इति नाम्ना विख्यातः शार्दूलः वसति। स न एव वन्यः अपि राजा, तथा उच्चैः स्वयंभूः स चैत्यः अभिलाषितः। सर्वे वन्याः तस्य पूज्याः चक्रुः।

अथवा विद्वांसः कुमारो विस्मयवान् नृपोत्सवम् एकदा दृष्ट्वा। तत्र दृष्ट्वा उदारां कृतज्ञतां तत्वाय कृतवान् एकदा प्रजा।

कुतः एकादशभ्यः प्राणिभ्यः अबध्यः, जलाशयः अवश्यकः भवति। ततः सर्वे वन्याः व्यग्राः जलाशयम् अन्वगच्छन्। ते तत्र जलम् अनुवेदयन्तु।

ततः सर्वे प्राणिनः विनष्टवत् अनुवेदयितवन्तः सन्ति। तदा राजा राजेन्द्रः गजः नाम अप्रमत्तः प्रविश्य अनुवेदयन्, "अहं सर्वान् प्राणिनः सह जलायाः द्रष्टुम् अर्हामि, तथा करणीयं च वयम् सर्वे। सखा भवता सह मार्गे यथा परस्परं तुष्टाः भवेम।"

गजः तु, "भवान् राजा, साधु भवान् आहार्यं व्याख्यातुम् अर्हति।"

गजः एव तत्र नगरम् प्रति यातः। गजः अन्वगच्छन्, परस्परं तुष्टाः भवन्ति वन्याः।

आसुः आपदः तत्र तद् अन्तः समाप्ता। गजः सुखी वने विचरति, राजा तु सुसंवृतः अभवत्, यो बुद्धिमान् च अनुगुणं प्रशास्यम् इति।

एकता च सहाय्यं च द्वियुक्तौ विपरीतदर्शनम्। विपक्षे च परस्परं तुष्टिः। अहरहः जीवनं सुखम् इति।


Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest named "Manorama," there lived a wise and kind lion named "Rajendra." He was not only the king of the jungle but also a compassionate ruler. All the animals in the forest respected and admired him.

One day, a severe drought hit the forest, and water became scarce. The animals were facing a tough time finding water to drink and food to eat. Rajendra, being aware of the hardships his subjects were enduring, decided to take action.

He gathered all the animals in the forest and said, "My dear friends, I understand the difficulties you are facing due to the drought. Let us all work together to find a solution. We must cooperate and support each other in these challenging times."

The lion then asked the wise old elephant, "Gajendra, with your long trunk and great strength, can you find a river or a water source nearby?"

Gajendra replied, "Certainly, Your Majesty! I shall do my best to find water for all of us."

With determination, Gajendra set out on a mission to locate water. After days of searching, he finally found a vast and flowing river beyond the forest. He immediately rushed back to inform Rajendra and the other animals.

The news of the river brought joy and relief to all the animals. Rajendra praised Gajendra's efforts and thanked him for his perseverance.

From that day on, the animals of the Manorama forest vowed to work together as a united community. They understood the strength and support they could find in each other during difficult times.

The drought eventually came to an end, and the forest flourished again. The animals lived in harmony, and Rajendra continued to be a beloved king who led with wisdom and compassion.

Moral of the story:
Unity and cooperation can help overcome even the most challenging situations. When individuals come together for a common cause, their combined efforts can bring about positive change and prosperity for all.