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Puzzles and Riddles in Sanskrit

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Share some Puzzles and Riddles in Sanskrit here. Post answers to puzzles and riddles posted by others. Please include pronunciation and meaning to help those just starting to learn Sanskrit.

Here is one for you. Post the answer below.


अस्ती कुक्षी शिरो नास्ती

Asti kukhsi shiro naasti


बाहु रस्ती निरंगुली।

Baahu rasti niranguli


अहतो नर भक्शीचा

Ahato nara bhaksheechaa


यो जनाती स: पंडितः ।।

Yo janaathee saha pandithaha.


What is it which has a stomach but no head, which has a hand but no fingers? Whoever finds the answer will be called a Pandit.

Waiting for your answers...