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For learning any language, reading and sharing jokes can be a fun way of internalizing the language and using it for natural conversation. Share the Sanskrit jokes you come across here.

Here is one sample:

Two Indians go to Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea. One of them ask him

भवतः नाम किम?

Bhavata: naama kim?

The leader replies: किम / kim/

The second Indian tries to explain and says, Sir he is speaking in Sanskrit and is asking for your name. किम means what and भवतः नाम means your name. So he is asking, 'What is your name?'.

The leader again says: किम 

A Korean translator tries to explain in Korea what the question is.

The leader says: किम 

The Indian says why does he keep asking 'What'?

किमर्थं पुनः पुनः किं पृच्छति /kimartham punaha punaha kim pruchchati/ Why is he repeatedly asking 'what'.

Finally a child explains भवतस्य नाम किम /bhavatasya naama kim/ His name is Kim.

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Anilesh Mahajan 🇮🇳 on Twitter: "One of the nicest jokes in ...

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एकः बालकः रोदिति स्म। तस्य माता पृष्टवती, " किमर्थं मां न आहूतवान्?" बालकः अवदत् यत्, "यदि अहं भवन्तं पूर्वं आहूतवान् तर्हि एतानि चॉकलेट्-पदार्थानि राहगीरेभ्यः न प्राप्नुयाम्" इति ।


A boy was crying. His mother asked, " Why didn't you call me?" The boy said, "If I called you earlier I would not have gotten these chocolates from passers by".