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Chandrayaan 3

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Pooja Srinivas interacted with the children of #Underthetree #Chandrayaan3
We had an absolutely amazing Sunday evening at Under The Tree Digital Study Centre! 🌟✏️🚀 As part of our Chandrayaan 3 event, "Chanda Mama Paas Ke," we had the incredible opportunity to host Mentor Pooja Sriniwas, who joined us live all the way from Hyderabad! 🌌🌍
Pooja engaged with our enthusiastic kids and delivered an informative session about the Chandrayaan 3 Launch mission and its various components. 🌕🚀 Their curiosity was sparked, and they eagerly asked questions to learn even more! 🌠🤔
We couldn't be more proud of our young learners and their enthusiasm for space exploration and science. 🌌📚💫 This is just the beginning of the event, and we promise there's more excitement to come! 🎉🚀
If you missed the live session or want to relive the incredible experience, head over to our Facebook page to catch the recorded session. 📺🔗 Join the journey of exploration and knowledge-sharing with our budding scientists! 🌍🚀
Remember, your support means the world to us! 🌳❤️ Keep cheering us on as we continue to nurture young minds and provide unique learning opportunities.

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Chandrayaan 3 has now entered the moon's orbit: