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Fountainhead Global School & Junior Collage

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This educational institution teaches the students not just bookish learning and prepare them for examination. They get the learners involved in real life projects that teachers them life long lessons such as saving water and reviving lakes.

Fountainhead School children staff and administration are involved in the lake revitalization project. Meethikunda Lake had completely dried up and turned into a garbage dump. All of them have worked hard to clean up the area, stop the drainage and revive the lake.

This project helps learners understand the importance of conserving water and the need to renew our lakes to avoid future water problems.

They are going to construct a bridge for easy access to the lake. MLA Arekapudi Gandhi laid the foundation stone for this on Monday, 11.3.24. On that day all the people involved in this program were felicitated and awarded. 

Anand Malligavad, The Lake Man of India, who has restored 37 lakes in Bengaluru, was invited to give away The Good Samaritan Awards. He is in touch with people who are reviving lakes across India. He is in charge of this year's Kumbh Mela celebrations where twelve crore people are expected to participate. He is also involved in the restoration of lakes in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Anand Malligavad appreciated all the people involved in this project and motivated them to continue the work and make it a sustainable project. He also introduced those who were involved in reviving lakes in other places in Hyderabad.