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Under The Tree Project runs three centres in NOIDA in Sector 135, Sector 93 and Sector 84. Over 300 children are enrolled of which around 150 come to school daily. Study materials, school bags, water bottles, stationaries, winter and summer dresses, shoes, hygiene kits, utensils, etc are supplied free to students. The project takes the students to study tours to places like Okhla Bird Sanctuary, etc at least twice in a year. Various activities and programs like sports meet, are held from time to time. Students are encouraged to develop their scientific temperament through various programs like STEM learning, block programming, photography, etc. Meritorious students get scholarships as well.

The project encourages students to take up Government certifications through open schooling programs run by National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS). Efforts are also on to develop a curriculum especially designed for such kids who cannot be part of a regular school due to their social and economic exigencies.

Under The Tree also supports over 250 women with hygiene kits, sanitary napkins and warm clothes in winter as part of a massive behavioural change program. Also, a skilling program in cutting and tailoring encourages women to get skilled towards sustainable livelihood. “We plan to ramp up the skilling program and expand the same in other domains too in order to help women get livelihood support”, explains Meetali.